Monday, November 17, 2014

Blog Post 14

I chose to watch "How to Escape Educations Death Valley" By Ken Robinson for my blog post. I chose it because the title sounded interesting and it seemed like I would learn how to not make the same mistakes over and over again.

Sir Ken Robinson spoke about the "no child left behind" policy and how it is ironic. He stated that 80% of students drop out of high school. He stated that no child left behind is based on conformity and how we focus more on math and sciences than humanities and the arts. He stated that 10% of children are diagnosed with ADHD and how he thinks it is wrong. Robinson says that if you sit a child down for a long period of time doing clerical work, they are going to get bored and fidget and he says that they are just suffering from "childhood."
He stated that teachers are the main component in learning. He stated that most of the learning now a days is based on standardized testing and how it is getting in the way of learning and creativity. Robinson stated that learning should not be treated as a mechanical process and more as an organic process. 

I think I could use his ideas throughout my whole teaching career. I need to remember that not everything is about tests scores, it is about a child's future. 


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    Your post was great. You showed that you understood the video.