Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blog Post #2

Mr. Dancealot
1. I think the main idea of this video is that you cannot just teach by spewing out information to students. You have to be interactive and hands on. Like he used in the video, you can't just teach someone how to ballroom dance by showing them the moves on a PowerPoint slide. You would actually have to get up and have them do the moves.

2. At the end of the video, the students had no idea how to dance because they never actually got to participate or even ask questions in class
3. I do agree with the conclusion. If you just sit back and talk on and on about what the students are supposed to learn, they are never going to retain it. I know I have had my fair share of lecture classes where all we did was sit, listen, take notes and hoped for the best and a majority of the students in those kinds of classes do not do well.

Teaching in the 21st Century
1. Show how students can get information from anywhere
2.Show students how they can use those tools for learning such as using Google to help solve problems
3. State how most of these tools are used for creativity in the world today such as blogging
4.State how they will learn things such as piracy and plagiarism from using these tools
5. Relate back to how we can use these tools to gather data in the classroom 
6. Talk about how to manage computers in the classroom
7. Talk about the differences between entertainment and engagement 
8. Conclude with how others can start researching on how to to teach in the 21st century

I would have to agree with Roberts on how teaching is changing. There are many different and new technologies that we use to teach, such as Smart Boards and computers. It will effect educators because we will need to learn about these new technologies and learn to teach very differently then how we were taught.
The Networked Student
I really enjoyed this video and found it to be very interesting. I really had no idea that there were that many different resources in which to learn from for students today. I do agree with the video that "Networked Students" will still need teachers. They need to learn how to process all of that information and how to use it properly. 
Harness You Students Digital Smarts
I like how Vicki Davis goes about teaching. I agree with her argument that students can learn well by working collaboratively and by learning to find answers for themselves and learning how to teach themselves in a way. Her class reminded me a lot of EDM310! 
Who's Ahead in the Learning Race?
I would have to say that Elementary students seem to be way ahead in the learning race. It was very surprising to see all the things these children can do that higher education students cannot. They are already learning to use programs that I have just recently started to use! These children probably can work an IPad better than I can and I am a Junior in college! I think I am way behind in the learning race.
Flipping The Classroom
I have never heard of flipping, but I think it would be useful as a teacher. It would help me understand what problems my students are having with the subjects and would give more time to actually teach the students by answering their questions and having discussions on the subjects

Bringing the Locke Room into the Classroom
I think you could use the coaching method to get students to ask questions and collaborate on finding the answers and solving problems.This will help them think critically and help them learn more efficiently.

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