Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post #6

What do you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps?

This week I watched seven different videos with Anthony Capps and I learned many different things.

Part 2: Experiences of a 3rd Grade Teacher Capps discussed his experiences with project based 

learning in his 3rd grade classroom. He spoke about his different content driven projects such as 

using iCurio to search for females in history to complete the project of writing to the congressmen. I 

learned that children are more excited and involved in project based learning and they learn better by 

using it. 

In iCurio Capps discusses how he uses iCurio in the classroom for his class to find and store 

information for his projects. It makes it easy for the children to find different sources that are 

relevant to what they are learning. 

In Discovery Education  Capps discusses the tool Discovery Ed in his classroom to find pictures and 

videos that goes with what they are learning. This would make it easier to discuss what we are 

learning by watching videos and looking at pictures that go with it.

In The Anthony - Strange list of Tips for Teachers Capps gives his tips about preparing to become a 

teacher. He states that we should enjoy what we do and let it be fun, even when it gets hard. He also 

states that we should be constant learners and continue to learn even if we are not assigned to.

In Don't Teach Tech - Use It Capps talks about how he uses technology instead of just teaching his 

students about it. Instead of teaching them step by step how to use it, he just uses the technology in 

his class and they learn to use it that way. 

In Additional Thought About Lessons Capps discusses that lessons have four layers. It should cover 

the years state standards, the unit size should be connected, then you should have a weekly plan and 

then you should  have a daily plan before you can have one successful lesson.


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