Monday, September 8, 2014

Search Engine Blog Post.

I chose these eight different search engines to look at, try out and review.

1. DuckDuckGo. This search engine was pretty good. You kind of had to dig around to find what you wanted but the best thing about it is that it is completely private and they keep all of your searches anonymous. 

2. Blekko. This search engine was very good. It was very easy to find what your are looking for because they edit out all of the sponsored sites and pick the sites that actually relate to your search. I think this would be useful if you are researching something popular or that has a lot of different websites on the subject.

3. Wolfram Alpha. This search engine was very interesting. It uses human knowlege to solve equations. It would be best to use it  to ask logical questions and anything to do with numbers and percentages.

4. Bing. I have used Bing in the past but not extensively. It looks similar to Google in its layout. I feel like this one was the opposite of Blekko. I did not give specific enough results and gave really low quality websites. 

5. Yandex. This search engine is unique in that you can search any website from around the world in English, French and German. This would be useful if you were researching something about another country, especially news stories in that specific country.

6. Gigablast. I liked this search engine because it tells you exactly why the search results are ranked the way they are so you can add more specific details if needed. 

7. Ask. I have used many times in the past. It is very useful because you can pose a question and anyone can answer it. This means if you cannot find an answer to a question anywhere online, you can ask it here. This also gives the opportunity for those questions to appear in other search engines.

8. The College Search Engine. Now I was a little skeptical about this search engine because the design of it was very bad but it is very useful. It searches websites of universities and colleges around the entire world. With this you know you are getting valuable and  creditable sources. 

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