Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blog Post #5

Personal Learning Networks.

A Personal Learning Network is your collection of people you give and get information from. As

future educators, PLNs' are very useful to us. We can learn new things from everyone else in your 

PLN and others can add you to their PLN and learn new things from you. In Michael Fawcett's video he 

stated that his students used their PLNs' to ask questions and get instant answers. 

I looked into they ways you can organize your PLN and I thought Symbaloo was a great way to start. 

All of your social networks and pretty much anywhere you would go on the internet to gather 

information is right there in an organized grid.



  1. Hello Shelby!!
    I enjoyed reading your blog about "Personal Learning Network"! I must admit I was unaware about the whole PLN learning experience. After reading and watching the videos that were assigned by Dr.Strange, I started to understand more about PLN. I see you mentioned you researched organizational methods from Symbaloo! I love Symbaloo, I visit my page at least 2 times a day!! Have you set up a Symbaloo account? Are you going introduce PLN to your students in your future classroom? I enjoyed reading your blog Shelby!!!