Monday, October 13, 2014

Blog Post #9

What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning? 

Project Based Learning is in my opinion one of the most effective ways to teach. However, it can be one of the most difficult to learn to teach. So, what can other educators as well as our students teach us about Project Based Learning?

In Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning I learned a lot about what is most important to have in you PBL lesson plans. First, we need to pick a topic that the students will really want to get involved in and to start it off by showing a video or having a guest speaker to get them excited about it! Next we need a good, driving question that will prompt them in creating their projects. Next is the "voice and choice" of their projects. This lets the students know that their voice needs to be heard and they can choose to express themselves in any way they feel comfortable and then in the next step we need to make sure they learn to collaborate on their thoughts and ideas. Then each group will come up with questions for their own projects and be able to answer them and by doing this the revision process will be easier and then they finally have a finished project!

The video Project-Based Learning for Teachers is a great way to introduce and show teachers what PBL is and it gives a lot a resources to use!

In the article Ten Sites Supporting Digital Classroom Collaboration In Project Based Learning they listed a good deal of websites to use in PBL such as Google Docs and Skype. When I was reading this list I realized we use a lot of these technologies in EDM310!

In the article Project-Based Learning and Physical Education I learned that PBL can even be used in PE class, He even used the exact steps from Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning!

Finally, in the video PBL: What motivates students today I learned first hand what motivates students to do well in school. A lot of the children said that it's because of the career they want to get into. I also learned the different reward systems the students teachers would use.


  1. Very good post! I'm one of the few majoring in P.E. so I watched the PBL and Physical Education video as well, and I thought it was very interesting.
    I was quick to believe that PBL wouldn't work in a P.E. setting, but it showed me that their are endless possibilities for PBL and how to incorporate them in any learning environment. So much to learn... so we will always be learners.

    Keep up the good work!