Monday, October 6, 2014

C4T Summary - EdTech Workshop

I was assigned Andrea Hernandez's blog, EdTech Workshop. Her posts were very interesting to read

and gave me a lot of ideas for my future classroom. The first post I read by her was 3 Tips to Help 

You Survive as an Innovative Teacher. She wrote about how she recently saw the movie "Chef"

and how she realized how much it related to teaching. She states that "As a teacher, I want everyone

to be excited about my 'cooking.' Like the chef, I work hard to create fresh, innovative and delicious

learning opportunities for my students. Like the chef, I pour my heart and soul into my work and feel

devastated when the haters hate." She states we should stay strong by smiling more, connect with

other educators and to share your thoughts and feelings with others so you do not keep everything

bottled up inside. I commented that I loved that she used the chef as an analogy for teachers because

we need to have a wide variety on our "menus" because not all children will learn the same.

The second post I read was Daily 5: Implementation Checklist & Other Resources. She states that

the Daily Five method is being implemented at her school and how it helps with literacy and meets

the needs of every individual learner. She shared her Daily 5 Implementation Checklist which I

commented is a great way to stay on track with your class and to make sure each students is

learning what they are supposed to.


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