Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Special Post

From the recent study by Zogby Analytics, there are some alarming statistics about smartphones. 87% of people said that there phone never leaves there side and 78% of people say they spend 2 or more hours per day using their smartphone. This will lead to students not being able to focus on their schoolwork because they are constantly wondering what is on there phones. Along with this, they will no longer want to socialize with each other because they just want to look at their phones.

However, I think students could use their smartphones and tablets for good in class. In the Zogby study it states that 91% of people say that having a camera on their smartphone is important and that every smartphone now has a camera. 

The students could use this in class by taking pictures on there smartphones of data they need for their projects and share them with the class. They could also take pictures of homework or class work so they do not forget what they need to do for the next class. 

Source: thedigitaldrew.com

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