Monday, October 20, 2014

C4K For October.

The most recent post I commented on was Katareina's post. She wrote a dictation on the importance of fitness and I commented that I agree that fitness is important and I commended her on embedding her picture she chose.

Next was Madison T's post. She wrote a very lengthy post on what do to when you are babysitting a child, I was very impressed with her writing skills at such a young age! I commented that her post was very informative and that she must babysit a lot.

Next was Maeve's post. He wrote about how he believes that children should not get recess taken away as a punishment and that their should be an alternative. I commented that I agree with his statements and that he had a lot of good ideas

And finally the first post I had was Jikerius's post. He wrote that he wanted to improve his class by getting iPads, having a tutoring class and being able to go get fast food for his favorite subject, lunch. I told him he had some interesting ideas on improving the school and that iPads also help with saving paper!


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